You are invited to have a great experience in our shops of the traditional culture of Argentina through all their senses. We try to keep it for centuries and our shops are the best way to convey to the world.

Deep knowledge, friendliness and service are the three pillars on which we believe of our daily relationship with customers. From Arandú you are invited, not only to see and buy products, also to know, learn and enjoy. See here where we are.

casa central Main Store

Paraguay 1259
Buenos Aires CP. 1057

Tel.: 54-11-4816-3689
Fax.: 54-11-4816-1371

casa centralArandú Atalajes

Talcahuano 949
Buenos Aires CP. 1013

Tel.: 54-11 4816-1281

casa centralCórdoba

Caseros 67 Córdoba CP. 5000

Tel.: 54-351-4229487

casa centralRío Gallegos

Alberto J. Bark 35

Tel.: 02966 45-7935

casa centralSalta


Tel. 0387-4310306

casa central Recoleta
Ayacucho 1924
Buenos Aires CP. 1112

Tel.: 54-11-4800-1575

casa centralCórdoba

J.A. Goyechea 2851
Córdoba CP. 5000
331 - 2 - Córdoba Shopping


casa centralTrailer


casa centralSan Antonio de Areco

Lavalle 391, 2760

Tel. 02326 45-6029